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Kisa Griffin

My first Seattle Cosmic Group game night was the Cheesy Cosmic Night on Saturday, 14 Oct 2000. The group has come a long way since then and I am glad to be a part of it. I wanted to wait to create a page on it's Wiki until I had some time to type up a bit about the games I play. I'll add more later, this was what sprung to mind.

All time favorite games

Lord_of_the_Rings?: This game is great on it's own and only gets better when the expansions are added. I very much enjoy games that are mostly co-operative and this one is the best I have played. Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer? and Scotland_Yard? are good too but I would choose this one first. I have recently heard of an older co-operative game Fury_of_Dracula? that I am looking forward to playing soon with a friend that has it.

Cosmic_Encounter?: What can I say, I will play any combination of variants that I have seen in the expansions or on the internet.

Bohnanza: I have a love of this game and all of it's variants which I sadly don't get to use very often.

Cribbage?: I don't get to play this much these days but I will happily do so if requested. If you are already a cribbage player I recommend Crib_Wars?.

Icehouse: There are just so many fun games to play with this system.

Go: While I am not that skilled and don't play very often I have a large place in my heart for this game.

Robo_Rally?: By itself or with the expansions, a great game.

Lunch_Money?: Simple, fast and fun. A great game for in between the long ones for some quick stress relief. Bang? may take it's place as it combines this with Werewolf and is playable with lower numbers of people.

Werewolf: Werewolf was the name I first played this as but it is better known as Mafia. A great game with a large group. Not something to take too seriously but a fine way to spend some time with friends. However, it takes at least 11 people to be good. BANG!? has some similar elements and will play at 7 or lower.

Recent high play list

These are the games I have been playing a lot of recently.

Carolus_Magnus?: Not sure what to say about this. One thing that sets this apart is that you can play a game with partners. Also, it is a game with all the information on the table with the exception of the pieces you get for next turn which you role for at the end of your turn.

El_Caballero?: A recent trade I find this very competitive tile laying game fascinating. It has a lot of options and I am looking forward to seeing how it combines with El_Grande? some day. Before I started playing this I was pretty interested in Carcassonne:_Hunters_and_Gatherers? but now I would rather play this every time.

Entropy: Meredith_Hale? challenged me to a game of this and we have been playing quite a bit since then. It is a simple game but it is challenging. Marty_Hale-Evans? told me about a computer version and I am now playing frequently.

Tigris_&_Euphrates?: Recent talk about this game on the SCG list got me into an online gmae and I have now played it a few times in online and face-to-face beginner games. My first exposure was when I was half asleep and my impression was a poor one. I am glad that I gave it another try.

Possible Favorites

These are games that I have played once or twice, I think will make it to my favorites list and I want to play more of them.

Baron_Munchausen?: This is a lot of fun for a group of 5 or more. Lots of short adlibbed stories and interaction with others.

Dune?: I have played it twice and am convinced it will be a favorite if I can get people to play it with me. The trouble is that it really needs six players to play properly.

BANG!?: I had been wanting to play this for some time and finally got the chance last Saturday. I am definitely getting this and it may replace Lunch_Money? and Werewolf in my favorites.

Another play, this time with all 7 players has convinced me that this is a game I want. The table talk is excellent.

El_Caballero?: See above

Gaming wants

These are games that I have never played and would very much like to.

Bohnanza: I would like to play more of the variants for this.

Kaiju?: This is a giant monsters in Japan game that just came out. If anyone picks this up I want to play.

Fury_of_Dracula?: See above

Other gaming affiliations

Puget_Dune?: I would like to get together with a group to play Dune about once a month for a while. I have created a group called Puget Dune for the purpose of facilitating anyone in the Puget Sound are getting together to play Dune, even if I am not there. If you think you would like to play occasionally or even just once feel free to join.

This is the Avalon Hill / Descartes game not the Parker Brothers game.

Seattle_Icy_Rabbits?: I would like to get together with people to play games using the Icehouse game system from Looney Labs. I have a group called Seattle Icy Rabbits for this purpose. If you think you would like to play occasionally or even just once feel free to join.

Game_Demos?: I run demos of games for the companies listed below. If you would like a demo of any of their games or know of a store that has a regular board game night and would like to have me come by please let me know.

Days of Wonder
Descartes / Eurogames
Fantasy Flight Games
Rio Grand Games