Language Buddies!

This page is for people in Seattle Cosmic who want to help one another learn foreign languages, primarily in order to understand game rules and components. Since we play a lot of GermanStyleGames, probably German will be a popular choice; in fact I'm interested mainly in learning German myself. However, there are a lot of good games in French too, and probably lots of other languages as well, even obscure ones. (I know of a few word games in Esperanto that could probably be played in English with Alpha_Playing_Cards?.)

If you are interested in learning another language and/or assisting learners who want to translate game rules and components, please add your name to the list below alphabetically by last name, state which language(s) you want to learn, what aspects of the language(s) you want to focus on, and what language skills you already have that you are willing to share with learners.



Want to learn: Japanese, ASL, polish my French, some Spanish, Welsh, Gaelic
Learning focus: Conversational skills, but also reading. I'd like to be able to translate for exhibitions in my job. There are also a ton of Museum jobs in Britain, especially if you speak Gaelic, believe it or not.
Existing language skills: Started a little ASL, can pick up quite a bit. Used to read French pretty well, though I'm still fairly rusty.
What I can offer: I don't have much to offer except a study/conversation buddy. Or free admission to the Museum of Glass. :)


Want to learn: Japanese, primarily. Some interest in ASL, polishing Esperanto and Italian. Open to other suggestions (I'm fond of learning languages).
Learning focus: Speaking, writing, reading knowledge of Japanese.
Existing language skills: (1) Have a decent (but rusty) knowledge of French. (2) Have a basic working knowledge of Esperanto. (3) Have a smattering of Italian (one semester). (4) Have a very good knowledge of English grammar in all its intricacies and technicalities.
What I can offer: (1) Would like study buddies and conversational practice in Japanese. (2) Would participate in Japanese, Italian, or Esperanto practice. (3) Would help smooth and correct English translations, both written and verbal.


Want to learn: German.
Learning focus: (1) Game rules and game components. (2) German literature. Would welcome German conversational skills but am mainly interested in reading knowledge.
Existing language skills: (1) Have a fair reading knowledge of French. (For example, read Steve_Vall\xE9e?'s reports on the Gathering of Friends without a dictionary.) (2) Have an excellent reading knowledge and fair conversational knowledge of Esperanto. (3) Can laboriously translate some German game rules 90% of the way with help from online translation services like Babelfish; need help for the last 10% from people who are more familiar with the language.
What I can offer: (1) Would enjoy meeting with others who want to study German on a weekly basis. (2) Can help out with translations of rules and game components from French. (3) For what it's worth, I can teach Esperanto to anyone who wants to learn it, especially if they can barter some tutoring in another language in return.


Want to learn: German, Japanese, Tzotzil Mayan, Esperanto, American Sign Language.
Learning focus: General conversational and reading skills. I am really into langauges!
Existing language skills: Extensive knowledge of Spanish, basically comfortable speaking and reading it in almost any setting, though I haven't been practicing too much lately.
What I can offer: Translating Spanish game rules and meeting regularly to study various languages.