Lexington Bored Game Night

As you might guess, it's hard to find GermanStyleGame``s in Lexington, Kentucky, let alone people who like to play them. Nevertheless (somewhat inspired by Seattle Cosmic, as who isn't?), Melinda_Hautala? and her husband Keith_Hautala? are trying to light a fire under the botties of sleepy Lexingtonians. On the menu for April 2003 were Grave_Robbers_From_Outer_Space?, Carcassonne, Barbarossa, and HellRail?.

In case you're wondering what possible Seattle Cosmic relevance this has, Melinda is the sister of Marty_Hale-Evans? and Meredith_Hale?, who grew up with her in Lexington, and has played with Seattle Cosmic on at least two occasions, which makes her at least an honorary member as far as I'm concerned: