Loco 21


Loco!, the most recent reprint of the abstract Knizia card game Flinke_Pinke?. Apparently the only significant difference between the two games is that in Loco! you must shout "LOCO!" when you play a 0 (zero) card. As you might guess, we tend to agree to ignore this rule, and as you might guess also, some of us chose to shout "LOCO!" in a silly voice anyway.

In Loco!, there are cards running from 0-5 in five suits of different colours, as well as chips in matching colours. On your turn, you must play a card from your hand to the stack of cards next to the chips of the same colour, then take one chip of any colour. The game ends when the last card is played in any suit. At the end of the game, each chip is equal in points to the top card in that chip's pile. Thus, if the top yellow card is 3 and you have four yellow chips, your yellow chips are worth 12 points. Your total score comes from adding all of your chips together.

At SeattleCosmicGameNight20030823, Alex_Rockwell? and I tied for first place, with Marty a point behind. I blush to admit how I won: I figured Alex would score higher than anyone else, so I simply took the same chips he did, hence our identical scores. This is a weird strategy; I'm not sure I've seen anything like it in other games, and I can't really see how the player being mimicked can fight it without hurting herself. Is this a flaw? I'm interested to hear your opinions.


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