A Long Game Day is when a host starts game night early, anywhere from 10 AM to 1 PM (instead of the usual 5 PM), so that a few dedicated gamers can show up early and play a long game. Long games that we have played at previous Long Game Days include Advanced_Civilization?, Sid_Meier's_Civilization_-_The_Boardgame?, Talisman?, and Twilight_Imperium?.

We also had a memorable Long Game Day on 4 July 2002 at the house of Timothy_Higgins?, starting in the morning with a metric ton of games we had just received from the Adam_Spielt? company in Germany, and finishing at night by shooting off fireworks in the street. Due to a legal loophole, we could really let loose with the fireworks. I was so blissed-out, I had a "sunset hangover" the next day. However, this was not an "official" (regularly scheduled) game night, so it went unrecorded, but it will live forever in our hearts and minds.