Lord 20of 20the 20Rings

The Lord of the Rings

I don't know about this game, I just don't know. I guess my main gripe with it is the lack of options, at least in the basic which is the only kind I've played. The team of hobbit players (including, simply for the sake of allowing five players, Fatty Bolger) must rush through each of the (beautifully illustrated) boards before too many Bad Things happen to them. Now, this is probably a good simulation of what the hobbits actually have to do in the books, but it's not that much fun going into a game that you're probably going to lose if you don't (or can't) follow the one proper path. Now, there are a lot of games like this, like Princes_of_Florence?, and Civilization, and Twilight_Imperium?, and even Chess (some of which I enjoy, others not so much) so my gripe probably sounds especially whiny. Still I like to think that the Fellowship could have tried creeping or shmoozing their way through the Mines of Moria.

I also don't like that the game can end in just a handful of turns if the tiles don't fall nicely. Perhaps the expansions ameliorate this.