Mad 20Scientist

Mad Scientist

This game was actually developed by an evil genius intent on controlling our minds by first confusing us with conflicting rules. After attempting to play this game, you'll be pleading for anything that makes a modicum of sense even if it's a nefarious command to disrupt order in your city and send all your money (minus the ten bucks you spent on this dumb game) to a Swiss account by way of a Hong Kong money laundering operation. The rules reminded me somewhat of Schotten-Totten?, except you're trying to control continents, not clan markers (well, you get the clan markers incidentally if you take over Europe, but they have no bearing on play). This perception went out the window once we sat down and played, because the rules (which are unclear [nuclear?] enough) stand in contradiction to the cards.

Enough. I've wasted too much time for both of us on this stupid game.


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