Mamma 20Mia 21

Mamma Mia!

A game by Uwe Rosenberg (designer of Bohnanza) about making pizzas. Players play ingredient cards to the center of the table, occasionally throwing in a pizza card when they figure there are enough ingredients in the pile to make that pizza. When the draw pile runs out, the player who drew the Mamma Mia! card (which, as Marty_Hale-Evans? observed, does not show anybody's mamma, but a male pizza chef) deals out the cards in the order they were played. When your pizza card comes up, if there are enough ingredient cards of the right kind on the table or in your hand, you score that pizza. The chef who made the most pizzas at the end of the game is the winner; if there is a tie, the win goes to the player with the most ingredient cards left in her hand. As you might guess, there are strong memory and card-counting aspects to this game. It looks light, but I tend to agree with Marty that Mamma Mia! verges on a medium-weight game.


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