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Marty is the wife of Ron_Hale-Evans? and the sister of Meredith_Hale?. She was a co-founder of Seattle Cosmic, and is generally in charge of Game Night hosting and scheduling. As the other half of a design team with Ron, she is an award-winning piecepack game designer, member of GameDesign:EGGS game design group, and designer of two games for the Alpha_Playing_Cards?.

Current favorite games: La_Citta?, San_Marco?, Age_of_Renaissance?, Settlers_of_Catan? with Cities_&_Knights? expansion, Abenteuer_Menschheit?, Schotten-Totten?, traditional card games (especially Spades, Hearts, and now Pinochle), Facts in Five, Civilization, Twilight_Imperium?, Scrabble?, Ra?, Ultima? (chess variant), Zoff_im_Zoo?, Risk? (in its various forms), Entropy.

When not gaming, Marty works sometimes as a technical editor (mostly for Microsoft); neglects her jewelry business, Winged Elephant Designs; sells plus-size clothing on eBay; and tries in vain to impose some order on her (and Ron's) life. She is an avid reader and word maven, a size-acceptance activist, a movie freak, a dog lover (but allergic to cats), a South Park fan, an eclectic pagan, a fervent anglophile, and a belly dancer, and has only ever met two ice cream flavors she wouldn't try.