Mill 20Creek

Mill Creek is found near Hobbiton in the Shire, just a half mile past the Brandybuck place, where the windmill fell down a few years back...err, wait a minute. That isn't it. Let's try again.

Mill Creek is a mill, near a creek. Now it is a suburb of Seattle. No more mill, no more creek. Oh, well, I may catch some guff from the Mill Creek Neighborhood Assocation, so I officially retract these comments. Let's try again.

Mill Creek is well known as the gaming center of the universe. Regularly a horde of frothing game barbarians descends on the abode of Tim_Higgins? to throw dice and generally cavort with wooden pawns. The neighbors do not seem either amused nor terribly upset, for they are pleasant barbarians who do not pillage and definitely contribute heartily to the July 4th fireworks destructothon.