Mistakes Were Made

This piece was dashed off by Seattle Cosmic member John_Braley? in response to an offer of a ride to a Mill Creek game night. We thought it was funny and we hope you will too. If not... we really meant to post an MPEG of The Life of Brian.

Fun With A Purpose: Can you identify all of the games John is alluding to? Check your answers at the MistakesWereMadeSpoiler.

Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 18:23:15 -0800
To: seattle-cosmic@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: [seattle-cosmic] Need a ride from the south side?
From: John Braley <tau@SPAMMERS_EFF_OFF>

I meant to type "Mill Creek, not Mill Greek". (I meant bricks, not
sheep; I meant to play 36, not 63; I meant shield instead of chalice;
coffee, not tobacco; I meant to play a tower, not a knight; blue camel,
not a pink one; a flare, instead of an edict; I meant to turn left, not
right; I meant to play a blue arrow, not a yellow one; I meant to take
the cards in the left pile, not the right one; I meant to place the
orange marker in the center of the board, not at the edge; I meant to
hold out the white stone, not the black one; I meant to claim the green
tower, not the blue one; I meant to place the big L, not the big

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