Moses 20Moore

Moses Moore

Email: moc.iazom@sesom

Often host of a "Dumb Board Games" night in Toronto on Sunday nights. The games are rarely dumb, and neither are the players.

Favourite Games

Such a list changes over time, of course. Some items that have stayed with me are:

Games on my shelf


Hello, Moses! Wow. Good to see you on the Wiki. Since your Wiki posts were a sudden (and welcome) surprise, I thought I'd surprise you back by messaging you in the same medium. Did you start posting here because the BoardgameGeek Wiki is down, or do you just like us? :)

Thanks for adding all the content! The variants (such as the one for Set) are especially interesting to me. Nice work.

Please come game with us if you're ever in the Seattle area.

--Ron_Hale-Evans?, who has another friend named Moses from Toronto, whose parents are Canadian-Americans, and who has more Canadian in his soul than he usually likes to pretend