Mutant 20Chronicles

Mutant Chronicles

There is nothing at all abstract or even very subtle about this game of blasting the unholy ichor out of anything that dare poke its deformed face around a corner. From the giant cardboard Citadel that looms above the board, to the scowls on the faces of the players' plastic "Doomtrooper" models (suitable for painting), this game is unmitigated cheese. Cheese is not always a bad thing, however, and this is something to which Seattle Cosmic can attest. The game is designed to span about a dozen different missions, during the course of which each player gains experience and cash that let them wield ever more ghastly weaponry. There seem to be some balance problems against the enemy player (the Bad Guy role rotates around to each player in turn) during the later missions, but only the most die-hard players are going to make it far enough to notice that anyway. Besides, the game is pretty hard on the Doomtroopers in the first few missions.

Today's Mutant Chronicles vocab word: Gehenna Puker, noun, a Giger-esque Doomtrooper weapon designed to burn with plasma flame a path of righteous vengeance through a semi-living mob of mockeries to the human form.

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