The Seattle Cosmic Prize Bag

Here are some of the FABULOUS PRIZES the Seattle Cosmic Prize Bag has been stuffed with.

A few recent prizes Brand-new back issues of Games Magazine Jyhad (a.k.a. Vampire: the Eternal Struggle) starter decks

April 2003

New additions to the Prize Bag as of April 2003 follow. Ask for these prizes by name! Bear in mind that we have more small prizes than large prizes because we need to match the prize to the "size" of the game.!391111.jpg Glow-in-the-Dark Bouncy Balls!12394.jpg Glow-in-the-Dark Paint Pens Halloween Monster Horns Metallic Groan Tubes Micro-Mini Connecting Dinosaurs Mini Laser Playing Card Key Chains Mini Tie-Dye Beach Balls Neon Drawstring Bags Neon Sport Water Bottles!8509.jpg Pen Bracelets Plastic Water Games Wooden Back Scratchers

Old Prizes

We may still have a few of these old prizes in the bag.!121303.jpg $100 Notepads Auction 2002 and Eleusis rulebooks, donated by Robert Abbott

Bootable Knoppix GNU/Linux CD-ROMs

CD-ROMs of piecepack game rules

Chessboards: The Planes of Possibility, by Dave_Howell? Computer Voodoo pincushions

DIY paper piecepacks Foam Jumbo Playing Dice Gamer's Baggies Glitter Eye Poppers Jumbo Playing Cards!1966.jpg Laser Flashlight Key Chains Punching Nun Puppet Sparkzilla Stretchable Flying Frogs (a.k.a. slingfrogs)!20108a.jpg Wire Puzzles