Rail Drawing Game

Also known as a CrayonRailGame. Introduced by Mayfair first with their Empire_Builder?, you get to draw on the laminated map with waxy crayons as you purchase railways over the continent. The rails are build so that you can move a pawn across the map, picking up commodities at cities that produce them, and delivering commodities to other cities as per "demand cards" that each player has (or in some varations, every player shares). The money you earn for satisfying these demands can be used for building more rail so you can satisfy more demands, or for improving your train so it can carry more commodities and/or move faster. The object of the game is always to acquire a certain amount of cash, and to have your rails connect most of the large cities on the map.

It can be good for educational purposes, to teach geography.

--Moses_Moore? (optional)

Some examples of game type:

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