This two-player strategy game, created by Sid Sackson, requires a sheet of paper and two pencils of contrasting colors.


One player draws a 6×6 grid on the paper and randomly fills the cells with the figures 1 through 9, using each number four times. Earned scores are tallied on one side of the grid, and a running total is kept on the other side.


After the game is set up, toss a coin to determine which player goes first.

The first player chooses one of the four corner cells and circles the number in it. This number starts the running total. The second player chooses a cell next to the corner—horizontally, vertically or diagonally—and circles that number. This second number is added to the running total. Each player in turn circles a number next to the last one circled and adds it to the running total. If there is no unused number next to the last one circled, the player may circle any unused number in the grid.


Whenever a player circles a number that brings the running total to a multiple of five (i.e., ending in 0 or 5), he writes the total in his scoring column, adding each new score to his previous total. The game ends when the running total (not a player's score) reaches or exceeds 170. (As a check, the remaining unused numbers should bring the total to 180).


When the running total reaches or exceeds 170, the player with the higher score wins.