October 27, 2007

Cosmiceers convened this week at the semi-disassembled manse of Timothy Higgins, starting pretty promptly, as Mark Purtill was characteristically punctual and the rest of us - Dave Howell, Mark Purtill, Ron and Marty Hale-Evans - were uncharacteristically so.

After some considerable discussion of games proposed, the first game on the large table was:


proposed by: Mark P

players: Mark P, Tim, Marty, Mark H

Large boots rumbled through the land, teeth were gnashed as players realized they meant to put the elf-cycle over *there*, and when the dust settled, Timothy emerged victorious by a small but effective margin.

Meanwhile, the other two players put their hands to:

Light Speed

proposed by: Dave H

players: Dave H, Ron

According to Ron, he could see why people have compared it to the Icehouse game, although it had a different design path. Ron characterizes it as like Icehouse, but with more going on. He enjoyed it a lot, and he thinks they played it 3 times, which Ron reminds me is unusual for him (especially since Dave won all 3 games [ed. comment]).

Afterward, the pair moved on to:

To Court the King (partial)

proposed by: Ron

players: Dave H, Ron

Ron says this is an interesting special-powers game. Unfortunately, they found it somewhat fiddly to learn and more complicated than expected, and since the Elfenland game was winding up, they decided to put it aside for now with an intention to return and give it another try later.

Mark H had a particular game on his mind all evening (nay, for some time now as I reckon it), and indeed the next game up was:

Order of the Stick (time limit)

proposed by: Mark H

players: Mark H, Dave H, Mark P, Ron

OOTS is a fairly silly dungeon-crawl game that nevertheless has some strategic challenge, based on the web comic of the same name. Since it's potentially very long, Mark wanted to mainly get some flavor of it, so he set a limit of 2 hours. Coming in at the end and only reading some of the cards, I can only attest that it does seem pretty silly, and the cards alone were cracking me up. Fun seems to have been had, and Mark P came out guardedly the winner, although all agreed that the game might have progressed differently if it had been able to run its full course.

Meanwhile, those uninvolved with OOTS settled down to a favorite:

Settlers of Catan Card Game (Politics & Intrigue expansion)

proposed by: Tim

players: Tim, Marty

We have been working our way through the various expansions on this game for some time, and hadn't gotten around to this one yet. I think our mutual opinion was "meh", but we both like the base game itself so much that we had fun either way - I did, anyway. It came down to a fairly close squeaker, but again, Tim's principality reigned supreme.

At this point, we bade the Marks a fond farewell, and bid a startled hello to Dave Adams and Kathy Kizer, who stopped by after attending a Halloween party dressed as the, erm, mature Elvis and his special medications nurse. It was quite a festive scene they painted, spangles, sideburns and all. After we recovered, they said they had time for a quick game, so we mutually agreed on:

Frank's Zoo (partnership)

proposed by: can't remember - Dave H? Tim?

players: Dave A, Kathy, Tim, Dave H, Marty

Animals flew fast and furious, and in the end Dave H mastered the zoo (with everyone over 19 at the final score). Dave A scored 21, prompting Elvis and Marty to break into a rousing chorus of "Viva Las Vegas," which caused Dave H to croak in pain and Tim to shout from the other room "RULES!!!!" [Meaning, the rules of the house are that you may not sing there, not that Elvis rules.--Other Editor Ron] Ah well - thus the buzz of singing like Elvis is harshed, to be replaced with the warm fuzzy buzz of annoying Dave and Tim. :->

And so another Game Night drew to a close, none of us lonesome tonight, we were reminded that the time comes in every game when it's now or never, and if you don't get all shook up, you can end up with peace in the valley and not down in Heartbreak Hotel. All that, and nary a drive-by in sight.