MartyHaleEvans? writes:

(I was inspired to let y'all know what you missed by writing a good old fashioned game night report this week. :->)

The stalwarts convened around 7:00 or so, and mustered in gamely comradeship were Paul, Jami, Kathleen, Darlene, Ron, and Marty. Pizza, popcorn, and bread pudding were enjoyed by all.

On the table, the evening began with Wise and Otherwise. Some of each was seen, but after wise was separated from otherwise, Jami smoked everyone, leaving the rest of the players halfway back on the board eating her dust when she crossed the finish line.

We realized that both Kathleen and Paul had had birthdays in the past week, so next onto the table was Crappy Birthday. After angst and anxiety upon receiving the curious objects, and discussions such as whether the force of losing your feet while bungee jumping with rope would break your fall enough so that you didn't actually die, and the definition of an entryway, Jami and Kathleen shared a joint win, rendering Marty and Paul the joint losers.

Elder Sign was considered next, but we decided to keep things moving along at a brisker pace with The Metagame. Ron joined the table for a game of MetaQuilt?. Many spirited debates ensued over such topics as whether Elvis impersonators are an effective deterrent to bullying, whether Smurfette is decaying the moral fabric of our society, and whether Disneyland or unicorns are the most magical. All could agree on the clear connection between "sexting" and "unintended consequences," however. In the end, Marty fought her way to the top of the heap by playing all her cards.

We had such a good time with MetaQuilt? that we went into a basic Matchmakers game (another game from the Metagame game system), and Darlene subbed in for Ron, where she established that if you look up "underwear" in the dictionary, you find "poker." After 3 rounds, Marty had piled up the highest card stack and was declared the winner.

We rounded out the evening with Can't Stop, always a favorite. The dice were clearly hating Paul, who fell off the mountain repeatedly. The peaks were hard-fought, but in the end it was Kathleen who stood highest.

After that and some chatting, and a quick hello from Amy who didn't play but came to retrieve Darlene, everyone departed for home, having played well, had fun, and once again avoided a drive-by.