Smugglers and Inspectors is a traditional party game.

Number of players: an even number from 6 to 12
Equipment: a box of toothpicks


Players are divided into two teams, smugglers and inspectors. Each smuggler is given 10 toothpicks.

After the inspectors leave the room, the smugglers hide their "contraband"--the toothpicks--on their persons, such that a small bit of each toothpick is visible. Toothpicks may be hidden in the smugglers' clothing, hair, jewelry or shoes.


As the inspectors return to the room, the smugglers stand in a line in one corner. The inspectors slowly walk down one side of the line and up the other, collecting from the smugglers as many toothpicks as they find. The inspectors may not otherwise touch the smugglers.

Inspectors are given three minutes to complete their inspection and may not retrace their steps.


After three minutes, the confiscated toothpicks are counted. The inspectors receive one point for each toothpick they collected, and the smugglers receive two points for each toothpick the inspectors missed.

The teams reverse roles, and the team with the higher combined score wins the game.