Steve 20Vall e9e

Hi ! I'm the french of the group. I moved from the beautiful Qu\xE9bec City to Seattle, technically for a job, but mostly to discover and learn more about the wonderful United States. I don't regret it, as I hope to move permanently in the Seattle area.

Here's my top 10 favorite german games :

1) Tikal
2) Edel, Stein und Reich
3) Durch Die Wust
4) Euphrate und Tigris
5) Das Amulett
6) Citadels
7) Traumfabrik
8) Morgenlan (Aladdin's Dragons)
9) EVO
10) A Game of Thrones

Actually, as I discover pretty much one new game almost every weeks, this list is only an approximation. I may have forgotten few titles. I'll try to come back and correct it.

Since I rediscovered boardgames, I also bring back an old passion : creating games. And now for the first time I feel I'm surrounded by awesome creators, and that stimulate me to go further in that way.

As for very personnal informations : I'm a pure atheist, I believe in human nature, both strength and weakness. On the political compass I'm a moderated capitalist, and strongly libertarian.

I'm a very passionate movie fan, with a strong feeling for every Kurosawa movies. I like to program video games since I'm seven year old, and I made it my day-to-day job at Griptonite Studios.

Well, I don't know what to say more ... other than I deeply enjoy all the game nights with the great, great people at the SC group.