Through 20the 20Desert

Through the Desert

Through the Desert is an interesting elaboration by Reiner Knizia on the game of Go, with a thin theming of caravans and camels. Players attempt to enclose as much desert terrain as possible with "caravans", i.e. chains of small camel figurines. Unlike Go, there is no capturing in Through the Desert, which is just fine, 'cause who wants to have to deal with huge piles of sun-bleached camel bones from "dead groups"?

The bits in this game are very attractive. The camels are cute, and come in pastel colours, which we named for easy reference: Lemon Cream, Salmon Mousse, Luscious Lavender, Spring Green, and Cool Mint. (With camels in two shades of green, it was absolutely essential we get the nomenclature right.)

Players build long single-colour caravans, but can use any colours of camel they choose, as long as they connect their camels to a caravan with a camel rider of their own colour at the head. The desert in this game is not a uniform grid like a Go board, either. There are mountains, watering holes, and so on. Some of these features are worth extra points if you capture them, and there are also bonus points for having the longest chain of a given camel colour.

--Ron_Hale-Evans?, newsletter of 2001-04-07

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