Tigris 20 26 20Euphrates

Tigris & Euphrates

A GermanStyleGame by Reiner Knizia. For some reason it takes place in the Cradle of Civilization, but could just as easily have been completely abstract.

I like this game for its unusual method of scoring. Players earn points in four different colors through the placement of Red Temples, Blue Farms, Green Markets, and Black Settlements near the appropriate Leaders (Priest, Farmer, Trader, and King, respectively) or by engaging in Conflicts between Leaders, or by joining Leaders to Monuments. A player's total score is equal to the number of points he or she has in his or her weakest color. It does no good to rack up Red points without getting points in the other colors, too. Treasures can serve as wildcards to boost low colors, but there are only ten in the game and the game is over when only two remain (or when there are too few tiles remaining).

Those interested in practicing this game outside of Game Night might like to avail themselves of the online version at boardgamegeek.


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