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July 4th

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It makes more sense to put the most recent entries near the top, as a running dialog, the most recent stuff would be at the top of the pile.

    1. Manifest Destiny: Players purchase planets before the first round. Should speed up games. 2. Distant Suns: Planets contain random events that can help or hinder expanion. Will probably slow things down. 3. Hope's End Expansion: Contains extra races (good for those who don't consider playing Universities of Jol-Nar to be a character building endeavor), Leaders (special units that aid in combat, and research), shocktroops (special Ground Troops), additional technology options, extra hexes, and new Political and Action cards. I don't think the Hope's End rules are out on the Web, so newer players might not want to add them at the last minute.)
      4. Any others I'm forgetting?

Q. On what roll does a P.D.S. hit a target?
A. Planetary Defense Systems hit on a roll of 7 or more. It's listed with the reference info on the back of the race cards, but didn't make it into the rules for some reason.

Q. Can you land on two planets from one carrier? (e.g. moving a carrier with two ground troops into a system with two neutral planets.)
A. No. This is not clear in the rules, but the official FAQ makes it explicit. Note, however, that a Dreadnaught with Stasis Capsules (which allow Cruisers and Dreadnaughts to carry one Ground Force each) can bombard one planet and invade another (or the same) planet.