A TrickTakingGame. I like this game, and the Amigo Spiele version of it in particular, because it's another one my college friends and I used to play frequently, and the pictures are pretty. I'm no great shakes at it, despite my history with it, but it's still dear to my heart. One clever thing about this game (besides the fact that, in the version I like, the cards for each suit for an unbroken mural when you lay them down in order) is that the number of cards (52 normal + 8 special cards = 60) means that you can play with 3, 4, 5, or 6 people. Oh_Hell?, the version of this for people with only normal decks, only works with four people. This is because the entire deck is dealt out in the final hand.


This image is from the time Seattle Cosmic played Wizard with my first set, the one that used plain-faced cards.


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