2019-03-04 Emergency Game Kit Rulebook

Rules to the 75 tabletop games I take with me everywhere

The Emergency Game Kit Rulebook page is a table of contents for the rulebook I've assembled for my Emergency Game Kit. The rightmost column of the table contains links that go as directly as possible to printable versions of the rules in my anthology. In a few cases, I can't link to them; this is usually explained.

The printable rules are usually PDFs, but sometimes in the form of web pages, Word docs, etc. If rules are not in PDF form, I print them to PDF myself, and then I gather the rules PDFs into a directory in alphabetical order, using a Linux program called PDFtk to assemble them into one large ebook that I can carry with me on my ereader. I encourage you to do the same. I wish I could provide you with the latest version of my rules ebook, but remixing and redistributing the rules in that way would infringe multiple copyrights.

When I print out rules on paper for my own use, I keep them in a flexible three-ring binder inside my emergency game kit. I don't bother to print the whole rulebook at once, even though I could thanks to my big PDF ebook, but instead insert and remove individual pages as needed. This way, I can also print the longer rulesets four-up and adjust other print jobs as necessary.

I hope you enjoy this rulebook. It took a few months of effort just to gather decent, printable versions of the rules to my favorite games (and games that promise to be fun), not to mention the time put into reading and learning them.

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