The following is an incomplete list of games I've designed or co-designed.

Board games

Including piecepack games, chess variants, and various others.

Piecepack games

See my Piecepack Wiki home page for a list of games I have authored or co-authored for the piecepack, of which there are currently eight, give or take a couple.

Here are some piecepack games I have authored or co-authored:

Chess variants and equipment


Card games

Including Alpha Playing Card games and others.

Alpha Playing Card games

In my opinion, Alpha Playing Cards are one of the better alphabet deck game systems currently on the market, because of their "semi-wild" vowels and other innovative features. I've designed three Alpha-related items:

Disclaimer: Tim Schutz, designer of Alpha Playing Cards, is a friend and colleague.


Dice games

Word games


GameFrame is an open-source metagame system I initiated. GameFrame games I have designed include the following:

Glass bead games

I initiated a family of games called called Kennexions based on Hermann Hesse's Nobel-Prize-winning science fiction novel The Glass Bead Game. For an entry-level game from the Kennexions family, I suggest Kenning Haiku.