The Competitive Solitaire frame is also known as Impatience ("Patience" is another word for "Solitaire"). It enables multiple players to compete at a game that is normally played solo.

To use this frame, you will need to pick somehow (such as randomly) one alternative from each of the following dimensions:

Individual versus Contract

Individual: All players start the game with an individually randomised setup.

Contract: All players start the game with the same, usually randomised, setup. If necessary for the sake of secrecy, the setup should be generated by a non-player.

Freeform versus Lockstep

Freeform: Players may move as often and as quickly as they wish. The first player to finish by the clock is the winner.

Lockstep: All players must synchronise their moves to the count of a caller. The first player to finish is the winner. If two players finish on the same turn, they are tied, even if one announces the win first.

One Game versus Tournament

One Game: Self-explanatory.

Tournament: TwoOutOfThree or similar tournament frame.