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GameFrame is a free, open source MetaGame? system that you can extend yourself. It's a game variant construction kit for people who not only like to play games, but play with them. GameFrame’s? building blocks include Games, Frames, and Powers. Let’s explore these concepts step by step with examples and a running analogy to make them less abstract.


Here are some Games we play in GameFrame.



Subgames, Supergames, Subframes, Superframes


And where are you in all this, dear player? You might think of yourself as a civic-minded apartment superintendent whose toolbox includes such handy devices as an invisibility belt, an arc welder sixty stories tall, and a time machine – GameFrame.

Please contribute your own new frames and powers to this wiki.

The Wiki

Feel free to add your own content to this wiki. Anything related to GameFrame is fair game. Here are some pages to help you get started.

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