Code Duello

In a game using the Code Duello frame, you may challenge the other players to “duels” or SubGames? to stop them from taking actions that are disadvantageous to you, such as capturing one of your pieces. Dueling “weapons” can range from a die roll or a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to an entire game of Chess or Go. Generally, however, it’s best to keep duels short, so as not to bog down the larger game. DeciGames often make good weapons because they’re quick and decisive.

Here’s how a duel works. You may decide at any point that another player’s action, such as moving a piece or playing a card, is an insult to your honor. At that point, you must immediately and verbally challenge him. The challenged player has two options: an apology, or a duel.

Before a game using the CodeDuello frame, you and your opponents must first agree on a set of acceptable dueling “weapons” or subgames. Each player in the game suggests one weapon in turn. Any other player may veto it. If no one vetoes it, that weapon may be chosen during a duel. If anyone vetoes it, however, the current player must continue suggesting weapons until a weapon acceptable to all players is found.

All players must also agree on the number of challenges each player may issue during a game. For example, the players may decide that each player may issue three challenges during the game.

You may issue multiple challenges on the same turn. You may even challenge a winning move, such as checkmate in Chess, as long as you have some remaining challenges. If you win the duel, the player who would have won the game must retract her move. In a multiplayer game, players not involved in a duel may kibitz, even during a duel for a winning move.

GameFrame powers have been designed with dueling in mind. When powers are used in a game with duels, at least one weapon is always available: the six-sided die. To use this weapon as challenger, roll a six-sided die against the level of your opponent’s power to determine whether his power succeeds. If you roll higher than the level of the power, he may not use the power this turn.