Currency Exchange

One group of players play multiple games that use play money. At the beginning of your turn in any game, you may negotiate to exchange any amount of money from Game A (for example, $100 of Monopoly money) for any amount of money from Game B (for example, $20 of poker chips) with any number of players, as long as all players in the transaction agree. For example, the same five players can play Monopoly and Poker (with poker chips instead of real money). When a player takes a turn in one, she follows it with her turn in the other (for example, her turn as a dealer in Poker). You may only trade money you have for money that is in play. For example, you may not trade poker chips you have for money from the Monopoly bank, only for Monopoly money that other players have.

You may negotiate to borrow a certain amount of money in Game A in return for a certain amount of money in Game B to be repaid in an agreed-upon number of turns, but if you cannot repay your debt in time, you are out of that game permanently. For example, Annie agrees that she will borrow $20 of poker chips from Bryson and repay it two turns later with $100 of Monopoly money, but if she can't do so, she permanently loses her place in the Monopoly game.

Optionally, within games in which winning depends on attaining a certain number of victory points, you may treat victory points as currency.

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