Create an expansion kit to modify old games and game systems -- compare Kites and Valentines (Schmittberger). Can include stickers, etc. -- compare Gnostica expansion for Tarot.

Could one create a generic set of markers (like the generic powers in GameFrame)? Certainly you could have generic markers for certain types of game, for example, stickers for cards, and rubber bands for games with pawns, miniatures, etc. OOBOTS (Out Of the Box / Off The Shelf): coloured stickers could come from an office supply store.

"No permanent damage" -- Post Its, rubber bands, and removable tape of different colours. Also coloured stones. Rubber bands, stickers, tape, string, yarn? Mark things with paint and markers. Completely paint some units. Need temporary markers in some cases. Compare Post-Its.

Expansion kits: which game systems?

Let's make a standard list of marker components. Standard marker colours, for example, green = boosted unit; red = crippled unit; yellow = laterally transformed. Use rubber bands and that coloured Post-It-like tape that you can write on (mentioned in the Moleskine GTD article).

Playmat? Other player aids? (For example, for turn sequence.)

Do-it-yourself pawns and pieces. Origami? Printable? (Pawns, screens, etc.)

In general, can GameFrame have components other than cards? If so, make them printable wherever possible. PDFs etc., like printable piecepack.