GameFrame Powers

See Powers frame.

Level 1

  1. Attack Self: Attack one of your own units with one of your other units. Example: Jump one of your own checkers.
  2. Backfire: When an opponent attacks one of your units, both the attacking and defending unit experience the effects of the attack. For example, TK.
  3. Judge: Break a tie in favor of any player you choose, including yourself. (Ignore the usual rules of the current game for breaking ties.)
  4. Suffer Little: If you lose a duel or in-game combat, you win, and vice versa. For example, TK
  5. Suicide: One of your active units may self-destruct. [TK: Attack Self and Suicide redundant?]
  6. TK

Level 2

  1. Endure: When one of your units would be captured or discarded, move it elsewhere.
  2. Off By One Bug: You may cause any unit to act as though it is “off by one”. Examples: You may turn a die roll of ‘5’ into a ‘4’ or ‘6’; you may make the ‘3’ end of a domino match a ‘2’ or a ‘4’; you may play a Jack card as a Queen, or vice versa.
  3. Scavenge: Bring one of your inactive (captured or discarded) units back into play.
  4. Spy: Examine your opponent's resources (even secret ones, such as cards in her hand) and take one of her units. If it is legal for you to play, you may use it as your own.
  5. Swap: You may swap the positions of any two active units. For example, you may swap one of your Bishops with one of your Rooks in Chess, or swap the Queen of Spades you played with an opponent's 2 of Diamonds.
  6. TK

Level 3

  1. Brainwash: Move an opponent's unit instead of your own this turn.
  2. Destroy: Designate a unit (including a space on the board) as permanently out of the game.
  3. Suffer Big: If you are in last place, you win, and vice versa. This power is only valid if you use it on the last turn of the game.
  4. TK
  5. TK
  6. TK

Level 4

  1. Quantum Fork: When one of your units may attack more than one of the units belonging to the same opponent, attack as many of them as you wish simultaneously (but at least two), without moving.
  2. Zap: Prevent any one action your opponent takes, including using a power.
  3. Pocket: TK
  4. TK
  5. TK
  6. TK

Level 5

  1. Limit: Set a time limit or a turn limit on the game.
  2. Mimic: Copy an opponent's power of your choice, or the ability of any active unit. Examples: (1) Your King may move like your Queen this turn. (2) You may play the Ace of Hearts as the Deuce of Diamonds if both are in play. (3) If your opponent has the Zap power, you may use it.
  3. Neutralize: Take away an opponent’s power permanently.
  4. Spend Big: One of your resources (such as money) is worth double.
  5. Turn, Turn, Turn: Skip a turn or take an extra one, in any game that has turns.
  6. TK

Level 6

  1. Booby trap: Designate some unit (or event, such as saying a certain word) in the game as being booby trapped. When that unit is played, any one power you specify is activated against the player who played it. Write the name of the power and any special instructions on a piece of paper when you get this power, and show what you wrote to the other players when your trap is activated.
  2. Double: Play two other powers of level 4 or less.
  3. Earn: At the start of each of your turns, you receive an agreed-upon number of FungiBills (default: 10).
  4. Legislate: Add a rule to the game, including inventing a new power. It may not imply or state outright that you win, or amend more than one other rule of the game. The new rule holds only as long as you have this power.
  5. Panic: End the game and determine the winner according to the usual rules immediately.
  6. TK