Frame: Each player has static powers that add to n points.

Frame: hidden powers versus open powers

Frame: Limit the number of powers per turn.

Frame: Use Seattle Cosmic Cosmic Encounter tournament rules.

Frame: Powers are dealt out like Cosmic Encounter powers.

Frame: Vary the number of power cards dealt to vary the length of the frame game, in games where you discard powers after you use them.

Frame: Challenge cards are randomly drawn.

Frame: Other frame cards in the same suit can replace each other Democrazy-style to alter the rules and victory condition of the current frame. (Frame cards of different suits just add rules.)

Frame: Cranium/decathlon-style mix of types of game (for example, strategy, dexterity, push-your-luck...) Frames can be like tournaments. Compare tourney rules and "Kniziathon". Maximally general tournament rules.