Paul Snyder

Zombify: Scavenge captured pieces of an opponent rather than one's own.

Pin: Probably a level 2 power...prevent an enemy piece that you could attack from moving for as long as it is under threat.

Zugzwang: Force a player who passes into making a move.

João Pedro Neto

You may move one of your opponent's units instead of your own this turn. (João: Move-Opponent)

Bad Advice: You may choose your opponent's move for him from two he offers you. (João)

Handicap: More general version of "Half again as many resources". (João)

Little Buddy: You win if some particular other player whom you name at the start of the game wins the game. (Compare João, Dune)

Atomic and Nuclear: see João. units adjacent to capture disappear.

Banking turns: You may bank a certain number of turns by passing to make a multiple move later. (João)


You may scavenge a captured piece or discarded card, but not so that you can win on your next turn (you can't put your Rook next to a trapped enemy King).

Move Zap (CE Negator power) vs Power Zap (CE Cosmic Zap Edict).

Types of powers: Zaps (e.g. Knightmare), Swaps (e.g. Lost Castle), Salvage (e.g. Resurrection for piece, Legacy for card), Traps (e.g. Forbidden City), Markers (e.g. Pacifism), Transformations (e.g. Masquerade), Hand Manipulation (e.g. Spy at Court).

Timers/time-bombs: can be set for particular game or challenge number. For example, you automatically win challenge 2.3. Compare Terrorist power. Generalised: any event, such as rolling a number on a die, or even saying a word. Time-bomb can cause a challenge.

Power: Take a card from the hand of an opponent.

More hand-management powers. Revisit other power types.

Power: You may alter the frame with new frame cards as in Democrazy.

OBOB can affect dice rolls. Add tiebreaker rule to OBOB power. For example, what if there are now two Jacks of Spades? Probably both cancel out.

In economic games where having a certain amount of money is a victory condition, you might trade ((.01 * VC) * CV) for a power card, where VC = the victory condition value and CV = the card value (1-10). Minimum $1 or whatever. .01 might not be the right number; might need to optimise this constant. Other restrictions might also apply (for example, you might just be able to buy from your own deck). Similar mechanic (but different constant) to buy dice modifier foor card value.

Can players rent as well as buy powers? Consider a Hurtz-style power.

Power: Play to different number of victory points. Player with power needs fewer points. (As mutator, would just shorten game.)

A fork must happen with only one unit.