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When players obtain powers during the setup of a game, they should agree on how the powers may be used in the game, so as to avoid arguments later.

GameFrame powers are rated in level from 1 to 5. A Level 1 power is weak. It might let you attack one of your own pieces -- for example, letting you capture your own pawn with your rook so as to give your rook a more advantageous position. By contrast, Level 5 powers are dangerous, even capricious. A Level 5 power might let you add a rule to the game or end the game immediately when you’re winning.

Depending on the frame, you may obtain powers as either “one-shot” or “permanent” powers.

You must clearly indicate which powers you have while you have them, for example by writing them on sticky notes on the front of your shirt, or on table tents made from index cards.