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> Spaced repetition
> Trying out Mnemosyne. What I want to learn:
> * lojban vocabulary
> * Hamburgs subway stations
> Speed reading
> * Eliminate subvocalization through pacing
> * Use three to four fixation points per line, avoid the margins, use the full eye span
> Buddhist Meditation
> * vipassana bhavana: Usually called mindfulness or attention meditation in english. This practice is (as far as I understand it) meant to cultivate an insight into how the mind works and how sensory input and ideas are woven into thoughts. As insight is achieved, the process becomes subject to restructuring and control, allowing for retraining the mind to follow more rational and productive patterns.
> * metta bhavana:

I'd say something witty about probably being the only untrained wannabe-mentat here, but I forgot the punchline.

Currently training

Basic breathing and relaxation techniques

Currently researching / building

lojban number mnemonics lojban has (canonically ;) ten digits, each having a name consisting of a consonant and then a vowel (1=pa, 2=re, 3=ci, 4=vo, 5=mu, 6=xa, 7=ze, 8=bi, 9=so, 0=no). New lojban words are build from rafsi, syllables corresponding to words. Thus lojban inherently creates sets of pegs each corresponding to a number. And now let's embed that in a narrative... once I've learned lojban. Whichs vocabulary I'm working through to create taxonomies and other systematizations so I can learn them more efficiently (i.e. all colours, shapes, astronomic phenomena (did you know that lojban is inherently terracentric?) in a group) using the Leitner system.

Spaced repetition Trying out Mnemosyne. What I want to learn:

Speed reading

Buddhist Meditation

Techniques considered and discarded


Phyabin is a system for PhysioArithmetics that adds 5 registers a 4 bits of number memory in muscle memory.


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