I'd say something witty about probably being the only untrained wannabe-mentat here, but I forgot the punchline.

Currently training

Basic breathing and relaxation techniques

Currently researching / building

lojban number mnemonics lojban has (canonically ;) ten digits, each having a name consisting of a consonant and then a vowel (1=pa, 2=re, 3=ci, 4=vo, 5=mu, 6=xa, 7=ze, 8=bi, 9=so, 0=no). New lojban words are build from rafsi, syllables corresponding to words. Thus lojban inherently creates sets of pegs each corresponding to a number. And now let's embed that in a narrative... once I've learned lojban. Whichs vocabulary I'm working through to create taxonomies and other systematizations so I can learn them more efficiently (i.e. all colours, shapes, astronomic phenomena (did you know that lojban is inherently terracentric?) in a group) using the Leitner system.

Spaced repetition Trying out Mnemosyne. What I want to learn:

Speed reading

Buddhist Meditation

Techniques considered and discarded


Phyabin is a system for PhysioArithmetics that adds 5 registers a 4 bits of number memory in muscle memory.


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