Players 2
Length 30 minutes
Equipment Requiredsingle standard piecepack
Designer Traditional, adapted for the piecepack by Mark A. Biggar
Version 1.0
Version Date 2003-10
License Public Domain


Playing checkers with piecepack is easy, if a little confusing.

Build a 8x8 board using 16 tiles grid-side up.

Each side needs 12 pieces. Give each side two suits worth of coins. It is suggested that one player use suns & moons (red and black) and the other use arms & crowns (blue and green). Set up the board like the following diagram. Use stacked pieces like normal for kings.

The game can be little confusing as each player has two colors of pieces and the squares arn't marked in the usual checker board pattern.

There are not sufficient tiles or pieces in a single piecepack to play any of the 9x9, 10x10 or 12x12 European checker variants, but a double piecepack can handle all those with no problems, using a setup similar to the above. .


Traditional game


Reviews & Comments

Using two piecepack sets so that all your coins are the same color is less confusing. -- Mark A. Biggar

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