Welcome to the Piecepack Wiki! The piecepack is to board games what a deck of cards is to card games: a standard set of pieces that enables you to play many different games.

In this wiki, the piecepack community can find information, work on game rules and reviews, and share resources in a collaborative space. Everyone can edit every page.

See Games for the rules to 225+ games you can play with piecepack.

Game of Desfases
Animation of a game of Desfases, winner of one of the periodic piecepack game design contests

13 September 2020

The contest has been postponed because it's hard to playtest the games in the IronPiecepackDesignerContest during the coronavirus. That means there's still time to enter!

If you're a piecepack designer and you'd like some ingenious ways to playtest your game despite difficult conditions, see Playing and playtesting during pandemics, and don't forget to add a link on the Iron Piecepack Designer Playtest Page, where piecepackers will playtest your game for free!

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Award nominee
Hanging Gardens by James Kyle, Board Game Internet Awards Nominee for Best Downloadable Game

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