Players 2-4
Length 30 mins
Equipment Required One piecepack
Designer James Kyle
Version 0.2b
Version Date 2001-05-29
Licence Copyright (C) 2001 by James Kyle, Re-licensed CC0 Public Domain Dedication



Photo courtesy Brett & Board

King Nebuchadnezzar II has ordered the construction of a grand terraced garden complex, filled with trees and plant beds, to present to his wife as a gift. As royal engineers, the players compete for the king's favor by offering the most beautiful view upon completion of the gardens.



The rules in this attachment are 8kb, instead of the 327kb PDF at piecepack.org.



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One of the RecommendedGames. (./) (./) (./) One of the OriginalSevenGames.

Award nominee
Board Game Internet Awards Nominee for Best Downloadable Game

Review on Brett & Board

We had a very successful session the day before yesterday. We first played a three player game of Hanging Gardens... After reading the rules to Hanging Gardens, I had a strong feeling it was going to be a good game and I was not disappointed. Again it uses an ancient world theme, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The rules are easy to understand, although the rules for the equation for determining line of site are a long-winded - an example would be useful. Also, the PDF of the rules is enormous. The html version I put on the wiki is far smaller. The mechanics are elegant and there is plenty of skill and player interaction. Players compete in three dimensions with terraces (tiles) and gardens (coins) to build the Hanging Gardens and produce the best view from their gazebo (pawn). It is now my favourite piecepack game and one of my favourite games of all.

--IainCheyne, from Inconsequential ruminations

"First we tried Hanging Gardens. It was slightly confusing and I think I'll need to play more to figure it out. The rules regarding the visibility of the flower beds weren't completely obvious. Anyway, I want to try it again, to get a hang of strategy. We were quite focused on creating symmetry on the first rows, then Ilari jumped in the end of the game to a place with a lot more beds in sight, winning the game 10-12-17." (./)

-- Mikko Saari at Gameblog

A bit fiddly at times (when determining line-of-sight), but nevertheless, a thoughful and engaging building game. (./) (./) (./) -- ClarkRodeffer


BGG page: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/35864

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