Piecepack Expansions

A piecepack can be expanded in many ways. Different designers have

Some of these are or were commercially available ($). Others are only available as a Print and Play version (PnP). Only a few have games invented for them (⚄).

Piecepack variants

These are full piecepacks which differ from a standard piecepack in some way. They were historically called "expansions".

Alternative piecepacks with standard structure

These are piecepacks that have different suits, colours or sizes. You can play any game with them that you can play with a standard piecepack. These don’t change the gameplay but add thematic variety.

Piecepacks with a different structure

These have either more suits or more ranks. A different structure changes the gameplay.

Extra components

Historically called "accessories".

Combinations of piecepacks and other concepts

Related game systems