The Mystique Deck is a "three-dimensional" deck of cards with three colors of four suits in five ranks for a total of 3 x 4 x 5 = 60 cards. The suits (Sun, Moon, Arms, Crowns) were explicitly designed to be compatible with the piecepack, and there is already a hybrid Mystique/piecepack game called RummyRunners.

The main difference between the Mystique Deck's configuration and the piecepack's is that the Mystique Deck's suits do not have a null rank, and all suits are available in all colors (Red Suns, but also Blue Suns and Yellow Suns, Red Moons, etc.).

It would be interesting to create a print and play deck of piecepack cards (created here: PiecepackDiceCardsTwo) that were even better suited for the piecepack (but not as attractive), with, for example, suits with null ranks and four colors instead of three. The deck would then have 4 colors x 4 suits x 6 ranks = 96 cards. This could be done by simply expanding the existing PiecepackDiceCards so that every suit came in every color.

nestorgames was kind enough to donate a Mystique Deck as a prize for the Where No One Has Gamed Before contest in 2018. Néstor Romeral Andrés remarked, "I think it's also interesting that each Piecepack colour corresponds with a Mystique colour except for black, with one suit being the 'king' for that colour (Suns for red, Crowns for yellow, Blue for Arms). I'd love to see a game that exploits this feature."

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