"Dual piecepacks" are eight piecepack "suits" with the following properties:

This gives one the following nice properties:

TrevorLDavis has created some proof of concept decks illustrating the concept:

  1. One piecepack-suited piecepack paired with a latin-suited piecepack in an "inverted" color scheme
  2. One (4-color) french-suited piecepack paired with another french-suited piecepack in a "light" color scheme (this should look familiar to fans of the the RainbowDeck).
  3. One black swiss-suited piecepack paired with one white swiss-suited piecepack (this scheme could be improved by adding more suit symbols to the components, better color-blind-friendly piecepack designs are in progress).

It is possible to construct three piecepacks where each pair of piecepack decks are "dual piecepacks" (e.g. piecepack-suited + inverted latin-suited + light french-suited). This could be called a "trial HoardPack" (apparently "trial" is the proper "three" analogue to "dual").


Innovative! Generated by Special Prize winner piecepackr. Literally adds a third (mathematical) dimension to the existing piecepack (for example, light vs. dark in addition to suits and values). This has a lot of potential and is really cool, but I'd probably be even more impressed if I weren't already aware of the three-dimensional card game Set or my own 10-dimensional game system the Kilodeck. I am impressed that Trevor submitted a game that uses the Dual Piecepacks expansion, namely DualPiecepacksPoker.

--RonHaleEvans, Where No One Has Gamed Before, October 2018