Icehouse: colorful pyramids you can play cool games with

There are several piecepack games that use Icehouse pieces as an accessory (a RYGB set by default but see specific game to be sure):

If one doesn't have any Icehouse pyramids one can usually substitute some PiecepackPyramids instead.

There are few games on the piecepack wiki which were designed to be played with an Icehouse set:

But there are several other Icehouse pyramid games that can also be played with just a piecepack (or with the aid of a piecepack to provide boards/dice). A very, very incomplete list after looking at the rules for Treehouse and Pharaoh that came with my Treehouse bag is:

There are also several piecepack games that can be played with Icehouse pieces (especially if one already has or is willing to buy/print/make special boards and/or dice for the games and owns several "stashes" of pieces).