Invented by Tim Schutz, the PiecepackPyramids are a set of stackable pyramid shaped playing pieces for the piecepack. A set of PiecepackPyramids consists of 6 pawns of increasing size, labled A (small) through F (large) for each suit. Here is a quote from the Yahoo Group where Tim describes some of the virtues of this accessory.

I created the pyramids for a directional reason and I accomplished that purpose. I know the coins also have a directional marking but the neat thing about the stackable pyramids is the directional movement can be seen and changed easier. Example: You start with a base that can only go one direction. You add a second pyramid and depending on which way you place it on the base can give it two directions and a pointer in those two directions. This also frees up the coins to be used in other ways.

The other thing I wanted from the pyramids was the ability to be more then just directional device and I also accomplished that. Some examples of the things that can be done with the pyramids are:

Be used as what I call the totem pole. The pyramids are place suit side down and players take turns picking up different sizes until everyone has one of each size. They then stack the pyramids smaller on top of larger and place them in front of themselves. This totem pole can be used as way a player’s pawn may move or maybe the powers and the strength of those powers a player’s pawn has.

Be used as designating players. Instead of I’m a crown and you’re a sun it can be I’m the smallest pyramids and you’re next size up giving each of us 4 pawns in each of the four suits.

Note that this quote refers to there being 4 pawns of each size (which was an earlier design). See here for details on changes that occurred shortly after the first message was posted.


piecepack pyramids version 7.0

A set of PPPyramids to match the rest of the JcdPiecepack set