Pawn Saucers

These are MesomorphGames' highly ingenious way to make pawns directional without conflict with the standard piecepack specification. (RonHaleEvans had an "aha!" moment when he first saw them.) They're a little wider than the coins, with a slightly curved bottom that has a flat spot allowing the saucers to sit stably. There is a rim on top about 2 mm high with a flat-bottomed well that the pawn fits in loosely. To move a pawn with a saucer, you must either pick it up by the saucer or slide them both along the surface. There is a directional tick mark on the saucer's rim. Pawn saucers have colored dots in the center of the well matching the suits, so that they can also be used as standalone piecepack components. It will be interesting to see what people make of these.

Note: MesomorphGames are currently seeking a patent on this expansion