The Hexpack is an extrapolation/expansion of the piecepack that essentially replaces the piecepack's square tiles and circular coins with hexagonal tiles and triangular coins. If you made a hexpack with the six SixPack suits it would have some nice properties:

  1. six suits (3 red and 3 black)
  2. six sides per tile
  3. six ranks of tile and coin
  4. six sides on each die (plus perhaps a six-sided SixPack suit selection die)

"Hexpack is an adaptation of piecepack. The hexpack is a public domain game system designed to encourage creative, open game development and design. The Hexpack was designed by DanielWilcox and NathanMorse." -- http://www.hexpack.org

See also https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/35424/hexpack

Example hexpack diagram