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# 3 Comments. # Hiya Daniel! Thanks for the feedback - this was actually the very first written feedback I've received for Glob (!), 8 1/2 years after being published...

The rule for turning the tiles is exactly as you have understood it: in every turn, the player in charge must turn a maximum of 6 tiles:

In contrast to Glob (which does allow long-term strategies), Desfases is an eminently tactical game. I deliberately chose a random setup rather than initial positions chosen by the players in order to: (a) spare the problem of having too much to choose from and not knowing where to go; since the first score and the starting tile are already determined, players only need to care about securing a high score and then continue from there, (b) make the game slightly unfair - this should keep all players on their toes straight from the beginning.

There are some aspects to consider when choosing what tiles to score:

-- Ottia 2018-08-10 (edit) 16:15 UTC

After more testing, I have made one last edit on the rules to save time during play: after one tile gets scored, it will remain pinned and not turned. This tile will be irrelevant for further scoring, thus so will its facing. However nice it is to see the whole board twirling, it does take quite a bit of time to turn all the tiles time and time again.

I have also changed the duration of the game in the wiki to count in some time to reflect in between moves.

-- Ottia 2018-07-26 07:36 UTC

I'm awfully sorry but there is still one more correction to make, after editing out the turns of scored tiles I forgot to delete the clause that affirmed that scored tiles "would still be turned". I have done that now - Ron will upload the new file (0.5... thousand apologies to him and you all for the inconvenience) soon.

-- Ottia 2018-08-10 16:08 UTC

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