Players 2-4
Length 45-60 minutes
Equipment Required One standard piecepack
Designer Antonio Recuenco Muñoz
Version 0.4
Version Date 2018-07-26
License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International


A game of timing for 2-4 players and a piecepack

In this game, players use their die as a timer; this timer is fed by coins, whose values indicate the amount of turns it will take to trigger a score. Scoring depends on the facing of the tiles around the pawns on the board – which is constantly changing, since the tiles rotate on each turn unless they are pinned by the pawns. This way, dice and tiles are constantly moving in and out of phase with each other.

The game will be won by the player with the highest score after all the timers have stopped and there are no more coins left to feed them.




Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International

Reviews and Comments

Hi Antonio, if I understand this rule correctly...

> Rotate each of the tiles of their owned suit 90 degrees in a clockwise direction, unless they are currently occupied by a pawn.

it means that in a 4 player game, the player will rotate her 6 tiles each time unless a few of them are have pawn on them, is that right?

I fell that with your other game Glob I understand the rules but cannot imagine the game dynamics. I think your rules would benefit from a *Strategy* section in which you describe the situations that happen. I added one such section to Japan.

-- DanielAjoy