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Globular Cluster

Players 2-4
Length 60-90 minutes
Equipment Required 2 standard piecepacks including pawn saucers, approx. 100 pennies, pencil and paper
Designer MichaelSchoessow? and StephenSchoessow?
Version 0.3a
Version Date2006-11
License GNU FDL


Most of the galaxy has been colonized for uncounted ages. With the recent advent of new more powerful warp technology the peoples of the galaxy are finally ready to explore and colonize their closest galactic neighbors, the nearby globular clusters. The galaxy is governed by giant corporate conglomerates and a number of these are sending expeditions to the nearest cluster to compete for star systems with colonizable planets and needed resources.

An entry in the GoodPortsmanship contest. Based on the game Tikal.



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